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Can I pay the fee in cash?

Unfortunately we do not accept cash payments. You can pay for your kit online and as soon as the payment is confirmed your kit is reserved.

Can my friend or family member pay the fee or does it have to be deducted from my own bank account?

Your friend and family member can also pay the rental on your behalf

I’m a degree/PhD. student; can I rent items?

Yes you can. Our service is open to all students.

I am not in Finland yet but I have rented items and paid for them. Can my tutor pick up the package for me?

Yes your tutor can pick up the package for you, Please just let us know while booking the kit or by email one week before the pickup date. Please inform your tutor to contact us via WhatsAPP and we will arrange a suitable time for pickup.

It would be wise if you discuss with your tutor first that if he/she can pickup the kit or not. Also inform them that the kit is packed in a cardboard box size 59 cm x39 cm x38 cm.  A reference image can be seen here.


I am unable to pay online. What can I do?

Please contact us via email or WhatsApp and we ll fine the best solution for you to get your kit.

Can a friend/tutor return my starting on my behalf?

Yes, your friend/tutor can return the rented items on your behalf. Please make sure you have given us your bank info and that all the items  are clean and dry when returned.

How long does it take to get my deposit back?

Normally it takes up to three business weeks.  During holidays (Christmas, New Year etc.) it may take up to four to five business weeks. The security deposit refund is initiated  after the kits or products rented are returned.

How can I pickup my order?

We have multiple pickup places. We do our best to find pickup places which are close to student apartments.  In order to pickup please contact us before hand at least 3 days before you would like to pickup the items.

We shall arrange a time and place for the pickup and you can pickup the items at that time.  Pickups are only available after appointments.

What is Arrival Service?

With our arrival service, we’ll pick up your apartment/dorm keys when you have given us permission to. We’ll also pick you up from the airport, train station or harbor whichever you arrive at and drive you and your kit to your new apartment/dorm.


Please inform your housing company that a representative  from StudentSurvival will be picking up your key by sending an email to them. Please also let us know your arrival date as soon as possible so we can arrange all things for you. At least 1 week before would be ideal. Our Arrival Service works 24/7
Please also CC us in that email so we will be notified automatically about the authorization. Our email is info@studentsurvival.fi


What does store pickup mean?

If you choose pickup for your order at the time of checkout, you will be picking up the ordered products yourself from one of our pickup points after arranging for an appointment. 

Also when returning the items you will have to drop off the items to one of our pickup points in the same way as they were packed in order to get your security deposit back.

Please follow our User Manual sent to you at the time of delivery in order to avoid any hassle.


What is the difference between Home Delivery & Arrival Service?

If you order with home delivery only , your order will be delivered to you at your door step. You can choose the delivery date and time. We do our best to deliver in that time but sometimes the delivery can be late. Rest assured the delivery of you order is done as soon as possible.

If you order with our Arrival Service we’ll pick up your keys and you from any port with in the city and deliver you and your ordered products at the same time to your new apartment/dorm. Our Arrival Service works 24/7.

What kind of bikes are available for purchase?

There are three categories of bikes available for purchase.


Type A: These bikes are in basic condition. They are working. Older bikes but they get the job done i.e. take you from one place to the other. The bikes are of different size and different kind.


Type A+: This category bikes are in good condition. They are better than type A bikes and can go faster than them also. The bikes are of different size and different kind.


Type A++: The bikes are in great condition. Can go faster than others and are very well serviced. Great condition bikes. Easy to ride them and a very comfy ride. The bikes are of different size and different kind.

Can I cancel my order? How to request a refund?

In order to request a refund please contact us via email and we will look into the order. A refund fee  (2% of order price + €5 ) is applied to all cancelations.
Orders scheduled to be delivered in the next 3 days can not be cancelled/refunded

What happens if my bike breaks?

You have 24 hrs to report any damage to the bike. Or if the bike was tested by the renter at the time of delivery then after delivery it is the renter’s responsibility to fix the bike. After the item is rented any repairs are renter’s responsibility.

You have an option for ordering repair service if something breaks. You can order it from here. https://studentsurvival.fi/product/bicycle-repair/

What is the rental term?

We rent items semester wise. You can rent the items for Autumn semester from 10 August till 25 December. And the Spring semester can be rented from 1 January till 31 May.

What to do if an item is missing or item is broken?

You have 24 hrs to report any damage or any missing item from your order.

If the order was delivered in person then the renter can check the order and sign the acknowledgement agreement. After that if anything breaks or is missing from return it is the renter’s responsibility to replace or fix the item.

Examples of dirty Items.

Here are some examples of dirty items. Please check your items before returning and ensure that items are cleaned.


How to return the items?

We have multiple options for returning the items. You can return the items in person in some cities. Alternatively you ll have to drop the items at our collect points.

You can also order our drop off service we will come and collect the items and drop you off. You can let us know the date and time via WhatsApp if the available times do not suit you.

Link: https://studentsurvival.fi/product/drop-off-service/

The items have to be packed in the same way as they were delivered. Most of are orders are packed in cardboard boxes and you have to pack them in the same cardboard box when returning the items. Tape it nicely and ensure all items are tightly packed in the box. When dropping off at the collect points you ll also need to secure the label on the box with tape for its delivery back.


Drop Off Addresses.

 Palosaarentie 61 C  Vaasa
 Koulukatu 17a Turku
 Toukomiehentie 2 Kouvola

I broke/lost an item, What should i do?

The customer is responsible for returning the rented product in the same condition as upon rental. This means that linen is washed (maximum at 40 degrees) and dried before returning. Kitchen appliances and other equipment are clean and not broken. Dirty items may result in a deduction fee from security deposit. Any damages to the product will be deducted from the deposit fee. Also note that normal wearing of the product is not considered to be a damage. Customer has 24 hours after delivery/pickup to report if any item is missing or broken. It is strictly recommendable that the customer goes through the condition of the product upon delivery/pickup. After signing the delivery note, the customer has agreed to the condition of the products. If a product is lost, the value of the product will be deducted from the security deposit. If the customer wants to replace a broken or a lost product him-/herself, the product has to be exactly the same as the broken or lost one.

 Item Cost/Item
Pillow: €10.00
Blanket: €10.00
Blanket Cover, Pillow Cover €15.00
Curtains, Bed Sheet €7.00
Cooking Pot: €7.00
Cutting Sharp Knife (small or big): €5.00
Frying Pan: €10.00
Plate, Bowl, Spatula: €3.00
Glass, Mug €3.00
Knife, Fork, Spoons €1.50
Plastic Box, Tupperware: €2.00
Packaging (cardboard) Box: €3.90
Vacuum bag: €4.90
Strainer: €2.00
Internet Networking Cable: €2.50
Bicycle: €50.00







The delivery/pickup time is not suitable or not available. What are the other options?

If you are arriving at a different time than our normal operations. Please contact us and we ll schedule a delivery service for you. We try to accommodate customer needs and do our best to deliver the order when you need it the most.