Jacqueline's first day in vaasa | StudentSurvival
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Jacqueline’s first day in vaasa

Jacqueline’s first day in vaasa

Last year I was an exchange student in Finland. I stayed four months. Before my arrival I chose my lectures at the partner university, I booked my flight and I found an accommodation… I was very happy and nearly everything was well prepared… Yes, I said ‘nearly’, because before my adventure started, I was not able to arrange the interior for my housing 

The apartment I rented was empty. That means there was a bed, but without a mattress. There was a kitchen without any kitchen utensils and a bathroom with not one single piece of toilet paper. Compared to some other students I was lucky. Some did not even have a bed, a desk or a single chair in the room/apartment they rented. Due to that, I guess you can imagine that my arrival and my first night in Finland was very disappointing and frustrating. I mean, who rents empty apartments to exchange students from all over the world? What do they think? Shall I bring my mattress, my pots and pans from my home country? – You may laugh, some really did. They arrived by plane carrying three to four bags with them around. 

I did not and in the end, I spent an extremely uncomfortable first night on the floor and the next day I went shopping! The next issue came up: How can I carry all the things I need to my apartment? I had to rent a car. At the end of the day I had everything I needed, but you can imagine that this was a very stressful and expensive first day in Finland. I spent four lovely months in Finland, but at the end I was sad again – not only because my great adventure was over, but also because I had to throw away all the things I bought in the beginning. This is not only a huge waste of money, but also a huge environmental pollution and I hated doing it!!

The point is now, that I would have loved to have a service and an organization like StudentSurvival before, during and after my stay abroad! It is so easy, comfortable, convenient and eco-friendly! You can rent all the things you need for a small amount of money. They deliver it to you when you arrive and pick it up when you leave. You have no stress! You can totally focus on your adventure abroad! And eventually you even do something good for the nature and our planet! StudentSurvival is a resource and time saving benefit for all of you who are going to spend a wonderful time abroad in Finland! I can definitely recommend it and I hope your stay will be as pleasant as mine, but without any organizational hustle thanks to the help of StudentSurvival!